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To help you monitor your organization, Scooter offers a wide range of reports, accessible via the Reports tab. You can choose reports from different categories.

Closed Sales How much business have I closed so far?

Leads by Lead Source How many leads has each lead source generated for me?

Open Cases By Priority How many open support cases do we have by priority?

Open Deals What deals have not closed yet?

Pipeline By Close Month What pipeline do I have by close month?

Sales Pipeline by Stage How much pipeline is at each sales stage?

Top Accounts Which accounts are generating the most sales opportunities?

Account and Contact Reports

Tasks and Appointments What are my open/completed activities?

HTML Email Status Report Show me all HTML emails I sent this week

Active Accounts What are my current accounts?

Neglected Accounts Which accounts need attention?

Account Owners Who owns which accounts?

New Accounts What accounts have been added recently?

Partner Accounts Which accounts are partners?

Mailing List Who are the contacts at my current accounts?

Contact Role Report Who are the contacts involved in my current deals?

Opportunity and Forecast Reports

Opportunity Pipeline What are my upcoming opportunities by stage?

Opportunity Product Report What are my upcoming opportunities by month and product?

Opportunities by Type What types of opportunities are available?

Stuck Opportunities Where are my opportunities getting stuck?

Opportunity Sources What sources are my opportunities coming from?

Closed Opportunities What opportunities have been won?

Opportunity History Report Show me the lifecycle of my opportunities.

Details of Downgraded Forecast Show me what opportunities have been downgraded in my forecast.

Opportunity Stage Duration Report Show me how long an opportunity spent at each stage.

Quarterly Forecast Summary Show me the forecast amounts, best case amounts and pipeline by quarter.

Forecast History Report Show me the lifecycle of my forecasts.

Partner Opportunities Which partners are generating revenue?

Sales Reports

Quota vs Actual Compare my quarterly quota w/actual sales.

Sales by Account Which accounts are responsible for sales?

Sales by Partner Which partners are responsible for sales?

Sales by Rep What are my closed sales?

Sales by Lead Source How much revenue is generated by each lead source?

Lead Reports Move Report Section Up Move Report Section Down

Lead Lifetime Track the life of a lead from creation to closure.

Neglected Leads Which leads need attention?

Lead Status What is the status of all leads?

Leads By Source How effective are all lead sources?

Support Reports

Total Cases Created How many total cases were created?

Total Cases Created by Agent Who is creating cases?

Total Open Cases by Agent Who owns open cases?

Solution List What are the solutions for my organization?

Campaign Reports Move Report Section Up Move Report Section Down

Campaign ROI Analysis Report How are each of my campaigns performing?

Campaign Call Down Report Show me all members of a specific campaign.

Campaign Member Analysis Report Who has responded to my campaigns?

Campaign Leads Which leads have been marketed to in the past?

Campaign Contacts Which contacts have been marketed to in the past?

Campaign Revenue Report Show me revenue generated from my campaigns.

Administrative Reports Move Report Section Up Move Report Section Down

All Active Users Who are the active Scooter users?

Users Logged in This Week Who has logged into Scooter in the past 7 days?

Documents What documents are available in the Document Library? Logo